Sunday, February 15, 2009

Judo vs AikiBudo

It has been an interesting week of training. I have been doing a lot of Randori and Shiai with Judo guys.

Often the question comes up...does Aiki technique really compare to the Judo players?

The answer is DEPENDS.

First I did Shiai with a talented Judo 3rd dan. It was difficult. There was a lot of stalemates, with moments of brilliance.

Then a few days later I did 10 minutes of Shiai with Matl Sensei, a small 8th dan. He threw me about 40 times with some vicious ashi waza. I got his balance once, barely with a half ass sacrifice throw. It did'nt take him down though.

I just got an exchange student from Japan. He has done Judo through middle school, high school and college. We did about 15 minutes of randori tonight, and he literally could not touch me. His notion about randori or shiai, fell into my traps so perfectly it became perfect aiki waza.

Does Aiki work versus Judo? If the Judoka is better than If they are as good as you...sometimes. If you are better than them...yes.

I know the results seems pretty obvious, but often as martial artists we get in the habit of comparing styles, strategies..etc and we forget that it is not the art; it is the artist that makes technique and principle work.

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