Monday, February 23, 2009

Magic and the Brush

What is this path we walk? Sometimes I feel like I know, but then it comes down to a matter of faith. I am a Budo man, because I don't know how to be anything else. Is this a path towards enlightenment?

A few years ago I began training under a great master. He is a Jedi caliber master. The first question he asked was, "What are your limitations?" A damn fine question.

Here are a few ancient words that remind we of why I walk the path. I believe in them enough that I wrote them 20 feet tall and beamed them with black light at Flipside 2007. My magic flowed from my shodo brush.

The great way has no boundaries

These ancient carvings infected my mind. I carved them on my magic performance gear. I believe I have obtained the keys to a limitless path with no boundaries. I believe in the magic of budo.

I believe Budo is the great way. I believe through it I can cross boundaries of my limitations.


  1. Nick Lowery emailed me this because my blog was not receiving it.

    Great way has no Boundries
    todays stuff was Beautiful! Way Too Cool!-- I am inspired to write:
    To Eric--
    At play on the mountain top and in the valley--
    freely moving in all directions--
    no center and no periphery--
    making mudpies with the kids and chasing out the devils--
    one who both transends, and includes--
    gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi sowaka

  2. Perhaps you'd find this blog interesting: