Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Judo, Aikido and Jujitsu

I suppose it is useful to closely examine the various Japanese arts, and see what the differences are. Many people are always telling me at parties what Jujitsu is, versus Judo....etc. I myself have been growing more and more as an inclusionist.

I see Aikido, Jujitsu and Judo and almost the same art. Of course they might be some differences in body dynamics, training methods and ethical intent; but I think you will find these differences in the same art between differing schools. Really, as in all art, the process is in making it your own.

Ju, Aiki, Jitsu and Do. I search for all of these. I am searching for softness, I want to fit into the energies. I am an artist. I walk spiritual path. I study AikiJuJitsuDo. I believe focusing so much on one philosophy of education leads an artist to have huge weaknesses they have not learned to deal with.

I read Tomiki Sensei once said "If you think your Aikido is good, try introducing it to my Ashi waza."

I want to find effortless technique from the range of tori ma-ai, from a clinch, on the ground, and at sword range. The goal is the same at each range, but a different yet related set a biomechanical tools can be more optimally effective at different times.

I genuinely believe I study a higher art form than just mere Aikido. I study BUDO in all it's flavors. I search for effortlessness in all Budo, hence I call my simple art, AikiBudo.

A rose by any other name.....

Walk In Peace


  1. Some people say that after enough study, all martial arts begin to resemble each other. I tend to believe that.

    Matt "Ikigai"

  2. the pursuit of art form (aiki, ju, etc) , leads to pursuit of principle (dharma), leads to the pursuit of the way (tao)--- reminded of dogen here from genjo koan --"to study the way is to study the self , to study the self is to forget the self (art form) to forget the self is to be enlightend by all things (principle) to by enlightend by all things is to remove the barrier between self and other (the way)"