Tuesday, April 21, 2009

E Black Belt

Earn your black belt in Tomiki Aikido online!!!!

Does anyone know this guy? I would really love to talk with him.

Ok, I am hip to the internet being a training aid. It has been great for communication with teachers - and getting training tips, even learning techniques and principles. But earn a black belt online stuff makes me a little barfy. Nervous even.

I guess at the end of the day - if you believe you have a black belt..then great. But what leads you to that conclusion? If you want it from online, a video or whatever.... knock yourself out. But to learn an art form like this requires a lot of time putting your hands on someone.


  1. Similar to those courses that offer a blackbelt in a few weeks. It is for those who wish to achieve a "mastery" of the art overnight, and are willing to blow money and be sucked in. It worries me that one could go through this, believe themselves to be able to handle themselves properly if the need arises, and end up hurting themselves and/or others seriously. :(

    P.S. I have a black belt. It holds up my black pants. ^_^ Couldnt resist.

  2. do not know him -- the link eblackbeltacadamy seems to go no where-- perhaps this is a bad joke? -- the work demonstrated does not seem particularly "tomikiesque" to my eye
    -- in any case there are no limits to bad ideas