Monday, April 20, 2009

Light hearted Budo

I tend to walk life walking the line between the sacred and the profane. I was talking about uniforms with Nick this weekend. I had heard of people being dismissed from an organization he was once in for uniform eccentricities.

The spirit of the usobuki mask is still with me, and I finally found one of my favorite online videos. While training can be a serious journey, the path trying - painful and it worth practicing if we can't ourselves and for the pure joy of practice.

At our dojo we have a strict dress code. Here are a few of my students, showing proper uniform guidelines.

Jeff Duncan and I have long been talking about trying to have an ugly gi contest. Last year I showed up in a Michael Jackson looking red vinyl coat. You should have seen the look on his students faces!

This is Jeff's Dream Gi

I might make a gi just for his dojo! Here is my choice!


  1. I like the retro two tone Gi's, Bring the 80's back with some force. Do you know where I can get one of those gun show t-shirts? I'm jonesing bad for one.

  2. funny -- nice contrast to Thoughtful Sensei's latest stuff --