Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Ink Painting - Sumi e

I have not been able to do my blog training lately. I have been getting lost in the bokken training, holiday build up, work and mostly.....in the brush.

We are preparing to enter the year of the Tiger, my year. Gosh I am bordering on 36 already. I am not too educated on the Chinese astrology but looking around the net I find myself to be a wood tiger. (Tiger Woods???)


The Wood Tiger is more adaptable to working with others and therefore does not demonstrate the typical "take charge" attitude of other Tigers. The Wood element adds stability, giving him warmth of character that draws people in and makes the Tiger a popular person. They are not selfish creatures and will give their time, attention or possessions to anyone in need. These Tigers bring a solid practicality to any problem. They can control their urges to completely take over, letting others do the work. They must be aware of their slightly volatile tempers and short attention spans, and not let those characteristics get the best of them or cause them or their loved ones undue pain.

Here is last night's dabbling with the brush...