Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday KyuRyu AikiBudo Blog!

One year ago, I sat down and began to learn the technology and started this humble blog. I made a New Year's years resolution for 2009 that I was going to start writing about my thoughts a part of my regular practice. I have found the blog is a very real part of my budo practice.

I chose to start a blog because I saw one of my spiritual mentors have great success with one. He started a political blog while working in a book store. Seven months later he was sitting around the table with John Kerry and getting paid for his interest. The power of the blog is it connects you to people in your narrow niche interest.

I believe I have found great success with it. It has connected me to my teachers, and help me develop relationships around the globe. Relationships are the key to practice!

Happy birthday blog.

Since last June when I started tracking it, I have received 13507 visits, and 20015 hits. Not too shabby for year one.

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