Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A great fight

From what I can tell, these two guys are 16 years old. They are fighting here, and they really demonstrate some excellent martial arts. Here we see two friends, playing hard and tough, and not hurting each other. A lovely dynamic and technical fight.

From the information panel on you tube - These two, Timmy Shoonover and Blade Rose are training partners and not to mention good friends. These boys not only have skills in the sport but the heart for it too. Both of these guys train under Sensei Justin Rose at Bushido Martial Arts in Arlington Tx.


  1. Daddy Justin Rose was my teacher, Chuck Caldwell's first junior state judo champ back in the olden days of windsong dojo -- small world aint it--fun to see the next next generation

  2. "Gotta stop by Wall Mart"...

    Good fight, they're going to tear it up when they get older.