Thursday, February 4, 2010

I don't get it

I saw a strange kata performed at the Tokyo Budokan during the koryu events. One guy would get up and get slapped and kicked by other people. He just stood there and by the end of the demonstration he was bright red from all the slap marks. I would like to be political and ask a insightful question on the wisdom of this practice, but instead I will call it like I see it. I think it is dumb.

Finally You Tube has provided an example of something similar. This video is fairly mild compared to what I saw demoed, but the idea is still there.

I have to say I don't get the mentality of this. Personally I train really hard so people can't slap me and kick me around. I guess the world is big enough for all sorts of training, but you can count me out.


  1. Usually I see this sort of thing with one person wearing a "GIT" Mask and collared leash about their neck... ;-)


  2. I think you are thinking of GIMP, from Pulp Fiction - right? Yes I concur.

  3. Morio Higaonna doesn't need any support from this beginner in Goju. However, to clarify, the purpose of 'shime' testing is to give feedback to a student regarding structural balance and alignment, rooting and protecting the body. It's done at the level of the student's ability. I suppose harder might have a purpose for advanced students wanting more 'realistic' feedback, but sensei should know the difference between that and abuse. One does see a lot of weird stuff out there, but the version shown is actually an example of intelligent use of shime.

  4. looks like testing of internal isometeric control under pressure shock and percussive conditions --some folks describe a "hard ki" and relate it to fudoshin (i would argue that this is a fairly fundamentalist interpretation... but to each his own) -- broadly i think of it as the other end of the spectrum of ukemi training

  5. There were one to many (actually, they were all too many) palm slaps to the junk.