Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Politics in American Kyudo

I am a new person to the world of kyudo. I do not really know people, and I do not have deep relationships yet. There has been a bit of turmoil in the world of American kyudo and I watch fascination of the process. All organizations have a flow of energy to them, and when it becomes sick the organization crumbles.

Evidentially much of kyudo in America has been run by one man, Shibata Sensei who is based out of Colorado. He has traveled and taught for many years. He built an organization. Now people are breaking off from him, and all the drama associated with it follows.

Here is a letter recently sent out detailing some of the goings on. Even though I am not involved I do find it interesting as a case study in budo politics and the ebbs and flow of an organization's energy.

Letter about Kyudo politics


  1. Zen's Sekai has frequent articles on Kyudo:


  2. This is the thing on politics... Anytime you have more than two people in a room it starts to grow, and fester...

  3. Yes, sadly yes. I have written some on Both the organizations political BS. You would be surprised at some of the things going on, behind the curtains...

    Some things I say nothing of being involved with both on some level. I am just glad to practice and stay out of the mud (^_^)

    I have been to your site before and found interesting. I do not recall post about Kyudo here so I'll check in more. _/|\_