Friday, July 16, 2010

The faces of I-35 Texas/Oklahoma Tomiki Aikido

I had the great privilege of having the opportunity to do a dojo tour up the I-35 corridor and meet and train with just a few of the variety of great teachers coming from the Tomiki Aikido lineage. I found it interesting that every person I touched had a remarkably different interpretation of the form. Typically you could feel the personality of the person through their expression of technique.

Jeff Duncan, 3rd dan - aikido mechanic and one of my best friends.

Russell Waddell, 6th dan - my first teacher. I love this man.

Jack Beiler, 7th dan - The only man who has changed my walking kata in years. He has keen observations and a beautiful dojo.

Tim Vought 9th dan - Old policeman who gave me some critical strategies on restraints. He is fun and talented. He has a magic punch -seriously. I didn't believe it till I saw it.

Bob Rea, one of the best judo players I have ever felt. His teaching style is amazing. This guy is a true budo man.

Nick Lowry, 8th dan - He is becoming one of my best friends and inspirations. I have a deep respect for this man and his work.

Lou Fernbaugh, a fun and informative teacher. I look forward to getting to know him better in the future.

Jim Ellison is insightful and thought provoking. I have only trained with him twice but I am looking forward to more play in the future.

Greg Ables is one of the finest human beings I have ever met. Miraculous artist and the type of person you have to love.

J.W. Bode was my biggest surprise find of the trip. He is nice as can be and funny as hell. His aikido is freaking brilliant and efficient. After 10 minutes I saw his undeniable genius. Likely he will be a giant influence on my aikido in the upcoming years.

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  1. You do a pretty good analogue of the "Dreamworks Face" in most of those photos, man. ;)

    Doing a dojo tour sounds like a blast, though!