Thursday, August 26, 2010

Preparing to pass the torch

Grad school started tonight. I have started my climb to earning a needed qualification for my job teaching blind and visually impaired students. I have a pile of projects and books coming out the yin yang. My life is about to be a semi-monastic voyage of work and study.

I have decided for the time being, the KyuRyu blog is not a project I can currently afford to keep up on a regular basis. I have offered the blog to one of my long time friends and students at KyuRyu Dojo. He seemed intrigued and is coming over this weekend to learn the ropes of KyuRyu blogging. I am sure if he enjoys the process he will continue this blogs production of quality material (or random you tube clips)

I am sure I will pop in now and then when I cannot help but spill my aiki blathering, but for the upcoming future this blog will be passed onto the next generation.

Thanks for being a reader!

Eric Pearson the Sensei Strange


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Senseiiiiii!!!!

    Zen teaching in the passing of blogdom ... the only constant is change. But upwards and onwards! After reading your blog for the past 8 months, I will miss your entries. Good luck on your monastic voyage through texts and theories.

    Time to make way for a new author...I look forward to the new material.

  3. Whoa... Dude...


    Scooter will have to earn his very own set of hecklers though. Don't expect all the same old folks that have been telling you that you are wack to express themselves that freely right off the bat ;-)

  4. Don't know if I can cope. you were my first(blog)and
    now to lose what we had ...

    Good luck on the climb .

  5. Good Luck my friend!

  6. Hey;
    The magician pulls off a disapearing act??

    We'll miss you and look fwd to Scooter getting his training wheels.

    Still want to have Ten Beers with you some day,
    John @ Dojo Rat

  7. told you you were nutz. Couldn't even keep this up.

    The guys name is Scooter? oh boy this should be rich.