Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have been trying to get some cutting practice in. It is different than I thought. I constantly use too much power and over-extension. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who train in the sword arts.


  1. i used to be loose when i fenced... then i tried the kitana. we were trying to split apples in half with a downward motion(stopping the blade before we hit the table surface). i became quite rigid. you seemed to get through the water jugs quite well.

  2. Riddle me this,what is cooler than a sword wielding magician? Hah !! Nothing.Very impressive control,I would gladly put a jug on my head for you to eviscerate.

  3. Try to remember to keep the sword in front of you, between you and the enemy who may not be dead. Cutting is the easy part.