Friday, December 3, 2010

Knife Training - Poor Example

Every time I post a video with what I call a poor example in training I like to preface it with that I have respect for all arts and people who are training. Sometimes I see film that does not work for me and my system of thinking. I have the upmost respect to the artists who act as the focus of my scrutiny. We are all just working it the best we can.

In my searches of the web I keep bumping in to a video of Thai knife fighting. Honestly, I do not like the work they are doing. However, I think it is very valuable to look at systems that are not working in my view, so I can intellectually process what the flaws, danger spots and inefficiencies that are in the movements. Why don't I like it? How can I avoid these mistakes in my own work?

The number one aspect I do not like is they break their own posture to execute dodges and evasions. While it might work in the context of their game, I feel like they are ingraining bad habits that will not serve them as the training gets increasingly difficult.

What do ya'll see?


  1. I'll have to watch the video later. General comment: I'm pretty bad about being sensitive to the creator of the videos I often critique. I've gotten better at making disclaimers but I still need to work on my... manners.

    Anyhow, the fact that you try to be respectful is a model I need to follow and work at!

  2. I don't think that 99% of what they are doing here has any real practical value other than wow factor. I agree with you about giving up their's not necessary and ill advised to do.

  3. Good demo looking stuff -like anything, I would like to see it "live" to see what changes.