Friday, April 8, 2011

Tueller Drill

A bunch of the blogs are posting information about the 21 foot rule. Basically a man can sprint and stab 21 feet before an officer can draw a weapon. Check out this video.


  1. KEG teaches a rapid fire system for small arms that I believe would work a little closer (if necessary), but then again, I suspect the old man would advocated neutralizing such a psycho WAY before coming anywhere near him (unlike these peace of officers) - may their healing be swift.

    Have you had the pleasure of going shooting with Hanshi in Houston? I recommend it if you can afford the grace/humility.

  2. Those antiquated Airforce drills are not the answer... In My opinion. nor would I want to have to subject myself to the mental abuse that would be given.

  3. To the first anonymous poster - I am unfamiliar with any KEG system except for commercial and pony kegs, which has nothing to do with shooting. However if you need information about keg systems I am your guy. According the American Psycholocial Association (A.P.A.) writing standards it is considered proper form to write out the abbreviated form of the word before using abbreviations. For future reference it will help make your statements clearer. A Google search for KEG system and KEG only brought up beer equipment. Using the further information posted by a later anonymous poster about KEG and airforce, all I was able to locate was a airforce keg rolling game on you tube.

    I am starting firearms training. I am currently gearing up my shooting training with a former military instructor, and police tactical instructor and some hunting experts. (actually I going to the range in half an hour) All of them have slightly different useful takes on the experience of firearms training.

    None of these instructors demand grace or humility, just friendship. Perhaps that is what you mean.

  4. Yer Still NUTZ ;-)

    But yes, you nailed it brother!

  5. We were talking about this at class contention is that your first job is to try to maintain the distance between you and the person with the knife, BEFORE you draw your weapon or anything else...move at oblique angles and spread your aiming points out (high center mass, low center mass, high center mass) so the body can't shrug off the kinetic energy being delivered. Only stop moving when the attacker stops moving and only stop shooting when the attacker is neutralized and no longer a threat.

  6. Excellent find. Illustrates why you do need to shoot. Tactically, I'm having trouble with the fact that the officers surrounded the man, making it near impossible to be sure you wouldn't hit another officer if you had to shoot.