Monday, November 21, 2011

Our current knife practice

At the Austin Budokan we are hard at work putting together a knife defense practice. It is still not where I want it to be, but we have made leaps and bounds advancing forward. We have graduated from suckitude to mediocrity. Tonight we were practicing our strips and keeping the flow with a partner that is a medium level pain in the butt. Watching the practice is kind of weird because the knife quickly bounces back and forth between the partners.

I wish I would have kept recording, because about a half hour later we hit some really nice stuff.


  1. Im afraid of knives. I have never heard of anybody coming away from a knife attack in tip top shape. dont drink the Kool-Aid like the rest of the Aikido world has that slow and flowy somehow solves problems. nothing is better than a stiff arm to the face. I think someone named it shomenate--but i could be wrong.

  2. You would be correct. Shomen Ate is the name. I agree with your assertion.

  3. well, I could be an internet idiot. slow is good has always been good, and will always be good. I really like your blog, dude. keep it up. and the british cab drivers that hang out on can go fuck themselves.