Monday, August 24, 2015


The aiki path has been challenging to me of late.

I lost my dojo's lease at the end of April.  This ended the chapter known as Austin Budokan.  I loved that place and the people that filled it.  Alas, change is the only constant.  

I have been working hard on building a private dojo for the past couple years.  In truth it was a mother in law house, but she decided to make other plans after I committed myself to the project.  A few of us have been getting together and working out in the debris of the build.  Unfortunately the new dojo is much further south so the regular crew I had at the old dojo is now cast to the winds.

Over the summer I was blessed with the chance to teach a few seminars.  I continue to enjoy this aspect of the art.  

I am trying to recommit myself to the blog.  I need to go through it and update/delete old posts and continue to strive to develop new material.  Please shout out any encouragement.  It is hard to get the writing engine going again.  

Anyhow...for the 2 readers I used to have that are still around, I'm hanging in there.


  1. Good to hear, Eric. Sorry about the loss of space.

  2. Only two readers? I can hardly believe there is only me and Mr. Zrubek. The dried river is a guarantee of great future floods. If they be in the form of blog posts, then I'm damn thirsty! Bring the rains of internet transmitted quality aiki, even if they be only a trickle at first. Yoroshiku.

    1. Just checkin' in,
      I see my student in Beer-can-smashin Zacky has appealed to your better senses and encouraged more of your magic.
      I wish you two could have met when you were up on the island,


  3. Best of luck to you Eric. I remember reading your blog in the past in connection to Kyudo. I am sorry for your lost of your dojo and hope you are getting together all that is needed to rebuild or relocate. I was curious if you still do Kyudo. You definitely seem to have the intelligence and passion of a budoka and I have met and practiced once with the Heki school in Austin. But really I was trained under Renmei and approach it both philosophically and form differently. I believed your posts int he past said you practiced Shibata's form that's thought here in Austin but that you also practiced in Japan? Was that a kyujutsu or perhaps renmei form as well? I remember your Kyudo posts were a long time ago, five years even maybe? So I don't remember if you still practice or what your thoughts on it now. But I've been in search of Kyudoka and esp. those who appreciate it for it being a Budo.