Monday, August 24, 2015


The aiki path has been challenging to me of late.

I lost my dojo's lease at the end of April.  This ended the chapter known as Austin Budokan.  I loved that place and the people that filled it.  Alas, change is the only constant.  

I have been working hard on building a private dojo for the past couple years.  In truth it was a mother in law house, but she decided to make other plans after I committed myself to the project.  A few of us have been getting together and working out in the debris of the build.  Unfortunately the new dojo is much further south so the regular crew I had at the old dojo is now cast to the winds.

Over the summer I was blessed with the chance to teach a few seminars.  I continue to enjoy this aspect of the art.  

I am trying to recommit myself to the blog.  I need to go through it and update/delete old posts and continue to strive to develop new material.  Please shout out any encouragement.  It is hard to get the writing engine going again.  

Anyhow...for the 2 readers I used to have that are still around, I'm hanging in there.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Iaido in Austin - Araki Mujinsai Ryu

Interested in the art of the Japanese sword? In south Austin there is a group training in the art iaido, drawing of the sword. It is essentially an art of drawing and cutting with the sword in a smooth and deadly manner.

wikipedia says-

Iaido (居合道 Iaidō), abbreviated with iai (居合), is a modern Japanese martial art/sport.
Iaido is associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard or saya, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. While new practitioners of iaido may start learning with a wooden sword (bokken) depending on the teaching style of a particular instructor, most of the practitioners use the blunt edged sword, called iaitō.

Specifically this art is Araki Mujinsai-Ryu Iaido 荒木無人斎流居合道, a koryu samurai style that is over 400 years old. We have direct connection to the teachers in Japan.

                                                              Araki Mujinsai Ryu headquarters
Mike Ross - head instructor
We are holding classes on Sundays 10am-12pm

        at Rising Sun Aikido in South Austin
        1600 W Stassney Ln Austin, TX 78745
Please contact Robin Winter for more information

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Tomiki Day

As of December 25, it will have been 35 years since the passing of Kenji Tomiki in 1979. Every year here at my blog it has become a tradition to post this as a holiday oriented memory of the man that has touched so many of our lives through his work in education and budo. It intrigues me and makes me wonder the nature of budo to how in such a short time the art he taught and spread and morphed.

according to an aricle by Yoji Kondo

"Tomiki Shihan was planning an Aikido tour of the U. S. in 1978 when he was suddenly hospitalized for an operation. It was kept confidential but he had an intestinal cancer. On Christmas Eve of that year, a choir from a nearby church came to the hospital yard to sing carols for the bed -ridden patients. Master Tomiki appeared to be feeling better as he listened to the choir. Thanks to the dedicated and loving care of Mrs. Tomiki, it looked as though he would see the New Year of 1980. However, he did not live to see the sunrise of December 25; he passed away early that morning."

In memory of Kenji Tomiki on December 25 I would like everyone the take the day off work. Sit around with your family. Exchange a present to represent the present of Aikido and Judo he helped spread. You can put up a tree up in your house because the ki part of TomiKI is the Chinese character for tree 木. Maybe if you are a good little boy or girl Sensei Claus will come down your chimney and throw you like crazy.

Merry Tomiki Day everybody!!! Remember our great teacher. We stand on the shoulders of a giant.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daito Ryu Workshop at Windsong

Last winter I had the honor of leading a workshop at the Windsong winter intensive.  Lowry sensei asked me to share some of the Daito Ryu I had learned in my time in Japan.  I really love teaching and sharing principles of aiki.  I am grateful to have had the chance to share.