Monday, August 24, 2015


The aiki path has been challenging to me of late.

I lost my dojo's lease at the end of April.  This ended the chapter known as Austin Budokan.  I loved that place and the people that filled it.  Alas, change is the only constant.  

I have been working hard on building a private dojo for the past couple years.  In truth it was a mother in law house, but she decided to make other plans after I committed myself to the project.  A few of us have been getting together and working out in the debris of the build.  Unfortunately the new dojo is much further south so the regular crew I had at the old dojo is now cast to the winds.

Over the summer I was blessed with the chance to teach a few seminars.  I continue to enjoy this aspect of the art.  

I am trying to recommit myself to the blog.  I need to go through it and update/delete old posts and continue to strive to develop new material.  Please shout out any encouragement.  It is hard to get the writing engine going again.  

Anyhow...for the 2 readers I used to have that are still around, I'm hanging in there.