Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sagawa Daito Ryu Films

There are nine branches of Daito Ryu lineages.  These are coming from the following teachers.

1. Takeda Tokimune
2. Hisa Takuma
3. Sagawa Yukiyoshi
4. Horikawa Kodo
5. Yoshida Kotaro
6. Morihei Ueshiba (preWWII Daito Ryu)
7. Hosono Tsunejiro
8. Matsuda Toshimi
9. Yamamoto SumiYoshi 

Sagawa Yukiyoshi 佐川 幸義

One of the famous students of the founder of Daito Ryu was Sagawa Yukiyoshi.  I have found his school is hard to get into, and they are secretive.  Until lately I did not think any films coming from this lineage were available.  While no public films have been released of Sagawa himself, many of his students have made short recordings.  For my own research records I have decided to gather them here,  Hopefully these films can give a glimpse into the world of Sagawa Daito Ryu.

The following 3 films show one of Sagawa's top students.  Keisatsu Yoshimaru,

Sagawa student Yasue Kunio, who also studied aikido under Seigo Yamaguchi.  Now he teaches his own form of Chrisitan aikido (hence the robes)

Yasue Kunio claims to have started Daito Ryu under Matsuda Toshimi, but then went on to study with Sagawa,