Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who Owns Your Art?

Who owns your art?

I went to a seminar last summer. I mentioned to a teacher that you a fellow student posted the names for koryu daisan kata online.

The teacher seemed annoyed. "Who said he could do that?"

The questioned implied that there is some ownership of the art in his mind.

Personally I disagree. That would be like saying only certain people could write about painting. We simply practice an art. I am strongly against the feudal veil of secrecy and ownership ideas that the martial arts came from. Some teachers are even attempting trademarking methods. That is fine for them, but I find it silly.

My personal decision - I give the art I choose to study to everyone freely. I say take ownership of it...take personal responsibility for it and you might take better care of it. I want to teach you, so you can teach me. I want to learn from you, so I can eventually teach you something.

Who owns your art?...own it yourself, and refer to those people and seniors you respect, they own it too.

Walk In Peace

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