Monday, March 9, 2009

Brew and a throw

One of my hobbies is crafting fine beers. My wife makes it. Four of my neighbors make the sweet elixir that makes life worth living. We are a serious beer makers and drinkers of the best man can make.

My next door neighbor works at the home brew shop. He is always coming over with the latest advice. Strangely his advice is always changing, as he continues to learn his art. Brewing under the watchful eyes of a master of his craft can be challenging, simply because our systems and understanding is different.

I think I do everything wrong according to my brew miester neighbor, but you know what - I still make some damn fine beer.

I guess that is the same spirit I practice my arts in. I crave the connection of other artists, I learn lessons from them, challenge their ideas. At the end of the day, I just need to work my craft with all the knowledge gained, but with the passion of working my own art - as an artist.

I think I do everything wrong according to the Aiki world...but you know what; I throw people pretty nice, I teach them how to do it, AND I make a damn fine India Pale Ale.


  1. Excellent! I don't drink the quantity of beer that I was used to when I was younger. These days, I go more for quality.

    I'm still ticked that my high school guidance counselor never pointed me towards being a brewmaster.

  2. If you think your Aikido is good, try introducing it to my India Pale Ale