Friday, October 16, 2009

Shomen Ate has game!

Shomen Ate is the first technique we learn in the Tomiki Aikido system. It is the first of the atemi waza, and is considered by some to be a signature movement of Tomiki's system. Shomen ate translates to "front strike, or face strike."

Here are the gentlemen at Houston's Aikibudokan giving us a demo.

In football this movement is called the 'stiff arm'. It seems to be deployed pretty much the same, but in a running context. Funny they call it the stiff arm and aikidoka call it the unbendable arm. Same ideas being employed here.

And presenting the new shomen ate king! A young fellow that we need to recruit for a super solider program.

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  1. The kid in the last video has a pair of balls the size of his helmet!