Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Psy-Ki-Do and the Dirty Bird

Patrick Parker of the Mokuren Dojo and blog has started a series on psy-ki-do. Now I have been a professional magician, mentalist and hypnotist in my career. I have a few thoughts to share.

I would like to start with a piece of black magic. It is a insidious little spell for spreading negative energy. It is a lightning rod for spreading hostility and negativity towards man. I will only teach this to you, because when you encounter it, and you WILL encounter it - I want you to be prepared.

Imagine you are driving down the road. You are jamming to 'Hotel California' while cruising down the highway. Right as it gets to that creepy line about "steely beast", some guy swerves into your lane, and hits the breaks. Stupid bastard. On top of that he is richer than you and has a bumper sticker for the opposite political party you endorse.

From deep within anger arises. A stream of swears and curses passes though your lips. Instantly you are hot and you are saying things you would never say to another humans face. Road rage is a potent seducer to the dark side.

Now you are angry, but the thing is the butt head that cut you off does not know about it. He is happily being a driver while he left your day miserable! You decide to take action and use dark magicks! You pull up beside the offender. Your stare and you eyes lock. Now is the time!

You point your hand directly and him, lower 4 fingers and leave the middle one up. You aim it directly at the man and then you say whatever dark filth is running through your road raging mind! Yep, you just gave the dirty bird!

Now an interesting phenomena takes place. Negative emotions that are in you body will actually transfer through space and rise up in the man you are pointing at. Whooah, serious mojo when you think about it! Symbols are a powerful thing my friend and the middle finger is a short cut to the dark side.

Now O student of Psy-Ki-Do, I know you will never use this fierce spell of evil. But how do you protect yourself from the effects of this witchcraft?

My dear old dad pioneered an ingenious Psy-Ki-Do method that actually reflects, negates or eliminates the curse of the dirty bird. He smiles, waves and blows a kiss back to the offending bird flicker.

(***important note *** the above picture is not my father)

He breaks the kharmic chain in an instant. He creates off balance at the moment of contact. Using the opponents energy against themselves! Psy-Ki-Do indeed!


  1. ...the above picture is not my father

    Well, thank God!

  2. Ha.. I have to admit being guilty of using my finger to express my fury at more than one person on the road before. Though normally i'm content to vent verbally.

    That's certainly an interesting, and amusing, method for countering the "dirty bird".

  3. That is good psy-ki-do, but I don't know that it actually diffuses the bad feelings. The guy is liable to shoot you from his car or follow you and attack when you get out of the car (this has actually happened to me).

    But a cool example of psy-ki-do nonetheless. I'd love to read more of your psy-ki-do tricks. Stay tuned to find more of these cropping up in the blogosphere soon.

  4. You mean he wasn't telling me I'm number 1? Hmmmm, he just doesn't realize that I am number one. He is number one as well, do not get me wrong. You are number one. In some aspect we all are, especially if we truly believe it.

    Does it really matter what darkness engulfs others? It should be a choice if we allow others to effect our spirit, even if they attack us (physically or psychically). If they do something to elevate our spirit, fantastic, but can we not easily miss or ignore this? Why not so when they mean to do our spirit harm? It's an easy principle to understand, but hard to practice. It does require practice, however; it does not come naturally to us humans.

    As Maynard Keenan has said, "I'm the man, and you're the man, and he's the man as well, so you can shove that f@#*ing finger up your a$$!"