Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AikiKen work at KyuRyu

Hussey Sensei came down for a visit on Sunday. We covered a huge range of topics, but we only got a few shots of some bokken discussion. Hussey is one of the best kuzushi (balance break or structure crumbling) artists I have gotten the joy to play with.

We both agree that Aiki Buki,aikido weapons training, should always incorporate some element of balance breaking and structure crumbling. Some of his freestyle teaching here feels like more quality aikiken work than anything in the Koryu Dai San kata, which is really just elementary sword work.

Notice how every touch he affects my posture. Neat stuff. I never go easy on Sensei, and it makes his techniques even better. He really does control me that much. If I speed up I just hit the ground harder, so I tend to keep an even slow speed. Most of the time when he works with me I just feel stuck and unable to move quickly.


  1. looks fun and delightful-- reminds me alot of my sensei, Chuck Caldwell's jo kuzushi play--

  2. Thanks for the practice,really enjoyed it.