Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crazy Freakin Throw

If you watch this less than 5 times through, you are a better man than I.


  1. dude, i saw a guy thrown just like that at he swamp classic in lafayette a few years back. landed on his forehead with legs and arms all going in different directions (it was seoinage instead of tomoenage though). dude was unconscious for a few seconds and then jumped up belligerent, ready to fight everybody around him.
    The craziest part was, the spectators were seated around the tournament area, so we were sitting at the edge of the red line. dude fell on his face literally 3 feet from me. we whought he was dead for a few seconds.

  2. ...but upon watching it a few dozen more times, I think he might have landed like that on purpose. watch how he uses his hands to balance on his head.

  3. I wondered that too Pat. However it might be a natural balance keeping function people do while sliding on their face for damage control. Primarily you gotta keep pressure off that spine.

    Told you, It's hard to just watch once!