Monday, June 14, 2010

Principles of Aikido with Henry Copeland

Lowry Sensei and Parker Sensei told me about a series that had been compiled and was worth looking at. I guess at some point, someone asked Henry Copeland a 9th dan in the Fugakakai system "what are the principles of Aikido?" Then he started writing, others started writing, and what happened is a lovely draft full of nuggets of insights from some of the great artists of the American Tomiki scene.

Priciples of Aikido

Here is a little film Patrick Parker put together of a seminar with Henry Copeland Sensei. It is interesting watching the giant of a man. He is old, big and lumbering, and despite this looks gentle as a can be. You can see with every motion he moves to change the relationship and posture of his uke - mojo is there. From what I have seen he deeply impresses people he trains with with his skill and insights.


  1. Big Henry was a definite treat for me to meet early in my training. he wasn't rough with me, or use his weight advantage excessively like I expected. I would love to have a chance to be able to pick his brain and feel what all he has to offer now that I am able to understand it better.


  2. My wife met Sensei Copeland at a seminar up at Windsong Dojo. Said her time spent working with him was the best part of the whole seminar.

  3. Holy crap I just finished reading the source you listed. What a goldmine. I'd write about what affected me, but its way too much. Thank you for this post.