Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another Competitive Style - HaitenKai Aikido

Tomiki Aikido is often known as the black sheep of the aikido world due to it's focus on competition in training in some of it's branches of the family tree. Apparently there is another society out of Japan incorporating a rougher shiai model into their training. HaitenKai Aikido.

As with most of the styles obsessed with victory and control, the results get rough and a little unaiki in my opinion. But who am I to judge.


  1. I would imagine fighting in a hakama is hard - not that fighting in jeans is hard enough.

    Does HaitenKai have anything to do with Shotokan Aikido? I did a google search of HaitenKai and came out mostly empty handed.

  2. You are thinking of Shodokan aikido. Shodokan is Tomiki Aikido, which is largely the focus of my blog.

    No, by all appearances these guys are not related to shodokan.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. To be honest I haven't spent the time looking, but I wonder if there any videos of this guy working with people who have as much experience as him, and or anybody who will fight back instead of waiting there waiting for him to do something with their arm, assuming the intent of this is free-form.

  5. Basically he seems to just do Waki gatame alot. Pain compliance will only get you so far. At that distance, Judo techniques would be very useful instead of trying to force kotegaeshi on unsuccessfully.