Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lies about Knife Fighting by Marc MacYoung

So the research on the knife continues. A lot of beautiful exchanges and drills are shaping up around the dojo. It surprises me how in a just a few short weeks everyone is quickly adjusting to the new challenges of concentrated knife work.

I am fueling the tanto study mostly through the Tomiki 17 kata, but systema, kali, silat and a pot pourri of other influences are creeping in. At this point I make no other claims about the work we are doing other than it is a great way to work principles with a different set of factors.

Nick Ushin Lowry posted this link on his facebook. Well worth the read. In the somewhat lengthy article MacYoung describes some of the problems as he sees it with many martial knife systems. While i do not see this work as biblical knife cannon, I do see it as a useful tool to help balance the mentality of how I shape my practice.

(P.S. I made it to the range this weekend, and I love .22 magnum ammunition)

Lies about knife fighting

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  1. I've really enjoyed your recent post on knives and knife fighting. I spend a lot of time studying/pondering/questioning knife techniques. I've enjoyed your critical eye in examining what might actually work. Great videos as well. Thanks for the great posts.