Monday, May 16, 2011

The reality of attack

So you train endlessly. So you break boards. You practice martial arts. The attackers, the professionally violent are not looking for a fair fight. Here is a film from my home city last week. The film is of a lady getting attacked. The film is rough, but not too brutal to watch. It is well worth it, because bad guys don't play fair.

The lady is a friend of one of my dojo guys.

Many lessons can be taken from this film.

My first thought is this is similar to the encounter I got in with the drug crazed maniac last year. I entered from behind like this as my tsukuri. Tough to fight the unseen opponent. My results were quite opposite though, but my intention was as well. Remember the first rule of realistic martial arts - if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck. Criminals know this rule better than martial artists do I bet.

Another big lesson is in how we train. Lowry Sensei often talks about training from the failure position, like how aikido begins like in this film. Most start from a 'I am winning' or at least a hyper vigilant state. Training yourself in both conditions is likely the way to go. Randori helps with this.

I try not to ever let people walk behind me downtown - know I know why.

But good news, the guy was caught today.


  1. I'm glad to hear this guy was caught! Good advice in your post.

  2. Too many self defense courses, and often those geared towards women, are totally unrealistic in responding to the realities of violence. Awareness is the skill that should be taught and practiced more than anything.

    Thanks for making an important point.