Saturday, March 3, 2012

Musubi with Knife

This is not abut knives, or knife fighting. It is about connection. How to join another person's structure. The knife is there to help in not gripping. I could be anything really a pen, fan, cell phone...etc.

I first started using the knife like this when I started thinking more about the tegatana (lower blade part of the hand). How to use the tegatana? Use it like there was a knife in your hand. This simple thinking switch in head had helped me work wonders (compared to what I WAS doing anyway).


  1. Hi.

    Long time lurker. So... his reactions to you while you're holding the knife are, i imagine, entirely different from what they would be if you were empty handed. He's trying to avoid being stabbed or cut and his reactions are almost text book!

    I think this practice of yours goes a long way to shaping a pliable uke to your tori. I think though that tori benefits more as a very atavistic response is conditioned in uke.

    Very Interesting!



  2. Great video. I've watched it a few times and am anxious to work on some of the concepts you illustrated. Well done. Obviously, and as you mentioned in the first line of your post, this isn't about knives, but the possibility of applying the concepts to open hand techniques and when using everyday items has me intrigued. Thanks.