Thursday, June 21, 2012

Walking the Earth

So the time is coming for a sabbatical.  I am loading up the truck with a bit of gear for an extended martial arts / spirit quest / walkabout.  Here is the general plan.

June 30th -     Denton Texas             @ the Dojo                            -  Iaido and Aikido
July 1st   -       Lawton Oklahoma      @ Lawton Tactical                - teaching knife workshop 
July 2ish-5 -    Oklahoma City          @ Windsong Dojo                 - training and gossiping
July 5th -         Denver                        - TAA / Dave Nettle's          - maybe if I can work it
July 7-9           Portland                                                                  - Beer and Asian gardens
July 10th  -      Redmond Washington @ Enso Center                      - training with Mix family
July 12-15th -  Seattle Washington                                                  - Daito Ryu with Howard Popkin
July 18-20 -     Seattle Washington @Critical Massive                     - I am teaching 3 days of workshops
July 22-24 -      Secret Island Location  Dojo Rat headquarters       - beer and tai chi (drunken style)
July 27-29th  -  Bay Area California                                                - TAA San Jose dojo
August 1-4    -  Sedona Arizonia                                                      -training
August 4-?    -  Sante Fe

If you are a reader of the blog, you want to hang out, and I am passing your way let me know.


  1. Sounds like a great month +! If you do train with Dave Nettles, say hi for me. Likewise to the Bay Area folks! - Charlie

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