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Daito Ryu AikiJuJutsu in Austin, Texas

Interested in Aikijujutsu but not sure what to look for?  Aiki Jujutsu is often a abused word.  Many schools just adopt it because it sounds cool, or works for their advertising.  According to traditionalists aikijujutsu means it comes from Daito Ryu teaching lineages.

Spencer Burns writes, "By my own observation, when a school claims to teach aikijutsu or aikijujutsu, it usually means one of four things (in descending order of legitimacy):"
  1. The school is related to (or part of) Daito-Ryu.
  2. The school teaches an old and subtle style of jujutsu and uses the word aiki[ju]jutsu to distinguish itself from harder or more modern jujutsu styles.
  3. The teacher has learned both Aikido and jujutsu and is combining them, possibly trying to resynthesize more traditional aikijujutsu.
  4. The school teaches straight-up jujutsu with little aiki but is using the word to stand out from other schools.
Teaching a seminar at Windsong Dojo

 I am proud to announce a Daito Ryu AikiJujutsu study in Austin, Texas.  We are only one of 2 groups I would consider aikijujutsu according to the lineage requirement.  Currently we are the only Daito Ryu AikiJujutsu class in town.  I have been teaching in the Austin area since 2005.  I originally trained in Toshimi Matsuda - Renshinkan/Shofukan lineage Daito Ryu in Numata, Japan.  I continue to study my root art and am also now am also associated with the Seigo Okamoto lineage through the Ginjukai. I am a humble student of the art, and am just leading a study group for those that are interested to have a place to study.

Eric and Ota senssei - 2003

In case you are curious,  here is a little about me and my history in Daito Ryu.

My Daito Ryu training

Monday, Wednesday  6:00pm - 7:30 at the Muteshokai Dojo
Sunday 2-4

Dojo Location is in a private dojo near the intersection of William Cannon and Manchaca

Contact Eric:

Other clubs in town
I offer you all the information I have so you can find the club that meets your needs

Main line Daito Ryu

  There was a Katsuyuki Kondo study group in town some years back ran by Rick Fine, but sadly Fine sensei retired from martial arts.  His group dispersed.  Despite me trying to pull him out of retirement, as of yet seems to have no urge to teach again.

Hakko Ryu

  There is a Hakko Ryu group in town, for those interested in another flavor of traditional jujutsu.  Cole sensei is a great guy, a friend and training partner.  Hakko Ryu is a decendent of Matsuda lineage Daito Ryu.  Even though they focus on jujutsu elements of training, they are pretty close to Daito Ryu.  I consider this group to be a sister dojo to the Austin Daito Ryu club.  This is the only other club in town I feel can legitimately called aiki-jujutsu.


Fraudulent schools

Frauds are common - especially in aiki-jujutsu.  Beware of schools claiming teachers of high ranks in Aiki-jujutsu,  In Austin there are no legitimate high ranked teachers in any branch of aikijujutsu.  They often will demonstrate fancy certificates and lineage pedigrees.  Unless you know the red flags to look for, they can be very convincing.  If you find a school claiming aikijujutsu and/or Daito Ryu please feel free to contact me if you need help verifying their credentials.  Be skeptical.  research.  Buyer beware.  or join the Daito Ryu facebook group that I moderate.  On the Facebook group we have members from most lineages, have fluent Japanese speakers and can verify lineage claims.

Non Daito Lineages of Jujutsu

 For those seeking traditional jujutsu with a aiki flare from other lineages

Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Kai

There is also a Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Kai group outside of town (Elgin maybe?).  I also have not not seen their techniques as they run the school in traditional very private manner.  I have trained with the head of their system, Toby Threadgill, and I am sure they have quality stuff.  Although the head of the system has trained in aiki for decades, he does not call his system aiki jujutsu.  It is a traditional jujutsu system.

 Martial arts of Austin

 Martial arts of Austin has a aikijujutsu study session among his other classes.  It mostly seems like a family friendly MMA gym. I have not seen them train traditional jujutsu yet, but Charles the instructor is a friendly and knowledgeable guy.  He says his style is a sogo bujutsu style, which means a collection of martial skills.  He does not have any information up on his specific lineage, which I wish he would.  He told me his jujutsu is a lot like Yoshinkan Aikido.

martial arts of austin

Larry Sanders

There is a fellow named Larry Sanders who claims to be a master of aikijujutsu.  I have not seen him train yet, but would like to.  The following is the only information I could find on him.  Unfortunately it is negative. Meet the guy and judge for yourself.

Larry Sanders

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