Sunday, June 7, 2009

Batman trained with Osensei

Time for a goofy post.

Everyone knows Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman has a ninjitsu connection.

(Little known fact the cool mountain top ninja temple in the movie is actually based on KyuRyu AikiBudo Dojo here in Austin!)

But according to the Batman cartoon he trained with someone who looks suspiciously like Osensei. In the show they call him Sensei Yoru.

A point of interest that only a calligraphy nerd such as myself would see - The calligraphy in Sensei Yoru's dojo is Hikari "light", which happened to be Ueshiba Sensei's last piece of calligraphy before he died. (I can't find a web image of it)

Here is all of the good stuff edited into one video.

The full episode

At 3 minutes into the video, we see Bruce in a Judo match. At about 3:50 we see Sensei Yoru throw a aggressive tenkan ikkyo to a projection technique.

If you want to see the second half - click here

Interesting quote

Bruce: I have to be the best there is, no matter what it takes!
Sensei Yoru: Defeat can be more instructive than victory.

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  1. I've always enjoyed the martial arts mythology attached to batman. This was fun to watch.