Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bujinkan vs Tomiki shomen ate

Here is an interesting difference in application of an idea as seen by the Bujinkan opposed to the Tomiki aikido lineage.

The idea I see being expressed here is what Tomiki labeled shomen ate, or the front strike. At this time I am unsure what the Bujinkan call this motion as they tend not to label and name their stuff very clearly on line.


Here is the old video that Mike and I made to represent the Tomiki clan.

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  1. nice backstep body drop work with the bujin folks-though a bit flamboyant still nice to see shomanate with an ukiotoshi beginning (been working with a varient of this myself)
    -- not so keen on the precussion forms they favor -- but to each thier own

    also like your display of the timing conditions and entry variations --nice stuff