Thursday, September 3, 2009


The mokuren dojo blog has started a month of atemi discussion. The sport that mixes hard atemi with throws the best is sumo.

I love sumo.

When I lived in Japan I would travel down to Tokyo once or twice a year to the sumo bassho. I would get there super early and watch 10 hours of sumo. The beer and squid parts nourished me through the adventure.

I am so glad my favorite sumo broke through to yokozuna rank (top rank). I followed his career for years. I guess I got lucky when I chose my favorite wrestler, or i have a good eye. Since I followed sumo he has gone on to throw everyone on God's green earth around the ring.


I got to see Asashoryu wrestle several times. He is a Monogolian that took sumo by storm. I believe him to be one of the greatest artists in throwing a man down living today. I know what you are thinking...your instructor throws softer than that. Well until your instructor makes a habit of launching 600 pound Hawaiians out of a ring, the effectiveness of his technique is debatable compared to Asashoryu. I saw it in person when Asashoryu launched Akebono. Akebono is a beast, and a fine martial artist. He is 6 foot 8 inches tall and weighs more than three people.


Watch the man work.

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