Saturday, October 17, 2009

Martial Chinese Linking Rings

As some of my regular readers know, besides being a martial arts nut, I am also magician supreme! I am well known among magicians for my chinese linking rings. It is often written that the rings are the second oldest piece of magic, after the cups and balls. There is something so hypnotic about going deep in the study of the rings. My personal zen practice. Circles in Circles.

"The Budo of Aikido springs from the mastery of the spirit of the circle. The essence if this Budo is to embrace the complementary action of cause and effect and to draw into yourself all things as if they were held within the palm of your hand. You have a spirit, therefore you must realize that each person has a spirit. When the life processes are connected with the spirit and the fundamental principle of the circle is given birth in Aiki, all things are led to completion through the circle. All things are freely created by the circle. The secret of the circle is to create technique by piercing the very center of space."

- Ueshiba Sensei

I found a film of my dream martial arts weapon. I love it!

And for those of you just joining the KyuRyu AikiBudo blog, check out my old ring routine.

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  1. Dude; That was so cool.
    Got any video of the new dragon?