Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why the world needs qualified teachers

I applaud this gentleman's desire to practice. Even more I compliment his bravery on putting his beginner work out. The martial arts community can be brutal on newbie and expert alike.

I think this work is genuinely interesting because this is a place we all start from. This man is the empty cup. I remember doing this exact stuff when I was a young feller, mimicking the martial arts in movies.

Unlike many martial artists, I love watching novices practice. I really enjoy seeing how they are trying to organize their bodies and minds to achieve results. My mind instantly starts jotting notes and I want to help people when they are ready to ask for it.

Another thing I find fascinating about the film is as a benchmark for my own work. I am constantly comparing my art to 6th and 7th dans. Hence I am very critical of the results. I often forget to look back at the beginning to see where I came from.

I would love to take this guy on as a student just to see the progress we could make in a year. I would love to see those films side by side.

If you have a chance leave this guy some tips on his youtube page. Stay positive!

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  1. I very much like your take on this video SS. Thank you.