Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oba (Obha) Sensei

Hideo Oba Sensei was Kenji Tomiki's good friend and training partner. Together they formulated much of the syllabus of the Shodokan system of Aiki. He took over as head of the system after Tomiki Sensei died in 1979.

I have never seen a film focused on Oba Sensei before. I am glad this one surfaced. While technically my own aiki is moving away from this stylized kata form often seen in Tomiki players, I still find it interesting to see the work from the lineage of teachers that my own practice is rooted in.


  1. I love watching old aikido clips.

  2. If you look up BBC way of the warrior the sporting way Obha features in these clips.
    I attended the class above. At the time as a kyu grade I was not aware how important Hideo Ohba was. My Sensei call him her mentor. My linage is directly from him.