Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waddell Sensei's visit

Russell Waddell is my teacher and friend of the past 15 years. I feel truly blessed to have an old friend that calls up and drives down from Dallas just to play with us. He has been a supporter of our dojo from it's creation, a time when I could not get some teachers to even return my phone call, much less support us.

This time he had an interesting tour. He stayed in Austin for a night, then went up to Killeen's Full Circle Dojo for two days. He worked his unique balance breaking exercises with the KyuRyu guys. Then Waddell Sensei and I had a long randori session.

On Saturday, I picked up Hussey Sensei from the Round Rock Dojo. We traveled up to Killeen to work out the the Full Circle crew. I got to spend the better part of the day doing Judo randori with the Fort Hood soldiers that are part of Duncan's crew. I also enjoy corrupting Duncan's students with my latest insights on aikido.

I am pleased with my progression of my Judo game. There are still many holes in my understanding, but I am remaining relaxed the whole time now. I focus on moving wherever my opponent tells me to move, and I am mostly avoiding any hot spots of tension and pressure. Now some more work on fitting in!

Overall great weekend! Every muscle in my my body is now nagging me. The Full Circle crowd, Waddell Sensei and Hussey Sensei made this an excellent training experience.

Also this week we re-canvased the mat. The new golfing green we made looks lovely. It needs a good wet vac to soak up some of the extra die, but it is good for the Feng Shui of the place to have that old canvas replaced.

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  1. How do you re-canvas a mat?
    Do you buy it in sheets and apply it, or are you painting on a product?