Saturday, September 11, 2010

KyuRyu Anonymous Comments Policy

Why this picture? I thought it was funny

“Do not speak unless you can improve the silence”

Some of my readers enjoy commenting on my posts. I always am overjoyed to hear from readers.

I must say though there has been a swell of anonymous posters lately. Much of their commentary has been negative or belligerent. This is fine. My ego is not wrapped up in this game, and I have no problem playing the fool for someone else's bad day. I must say though I do find it hard to follow the sequence of the conversation when I have several posters all posting under the anonymous heading.

I would very much prefer if you wrote your name or at least a pseudonym if you comment on my posts. It helps me keep track of the characters who hang out in this corner of the net. Also I like to understand how many people are contributing to the conversation.

Now if you wish to point out how dumb I am, or start using foul language, this too is fine. I am a big believer in freedom of speech. I will institute the policy that you must put your full name and dojo down. I give you the right to call me names...etc. I really don't care. I gleefully invite the interaction. However if you are passionate enough to be insulting, you should be man enough to use your name and not hide behind internet anonymity. If your words get belligerent and your post is not signed I will simply delete it. I think this is only fair that if you get to call me a 'shit head'...etc, I get to call you by the name you use in life. Don't worry no matter how ill you behave, I will treat you with respect. This is my way.

This seems very fair to me. I give you the right to be abusive and I promise to always be respectful as long as you use your name.

For your information people here are not really anonymous as they believe. I have a fairly sophisticated tracker on my blog, and I see everyone's IP address. It would take me about 20-30 minutes but if I really ever cared enough I likely could find out the name and location of anyone who visits this site.

So man up and sign your words.

Eric Pearson
KyuRyu Aikibudo

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  1. Perhaps some anonymous commenters don't have the courage to stand behind their words. If it were me, I'd remove all comments with foul language as a courtesy to my other readers. It's hard to believe some of your commenters can really be aikidoka and judoka. They've forgotten that Aikido and Judo are not just collections of techniques but include a philosophy on how you treat antagonism. Aikido has a philosophy of harmony with an opponent. Judo has a philosophy of mutual betterment. These should at least inform your behavior to those you disagree with. Even two very intelligent people can come to radically different opinions on issues. We should all try to respect that without resorting to foul language and personal attacks. Sheesh!