Wednesday, February 16, 2011

J.W. Bode at Austin Budokan - March 5,6

Sorry about the late notice folks, but I just booked J.W. Bode to come down and train with us on Saturday March 5th and Sunday March 6th.

It is a rare occurance that I meet an artist that impresses me from first touch. Bode Sensei is one of those artists. I had seen his work on some You Tube videos, and I thought it looked weird. First time I trained with him though, he had me gently twisted into knots. Videos can be deceiving. My ego was checked by an old man yet again. He is not a traditional artist. He is a strategist, tactician and original thinker.

He has an extensive background in aikido, judo, fire arms, arrest techniques and law enforcement. His work transcends aikido - it is pure tactics. He shortens distances, times, efficiencies and speaks of technique in terms from Sun Tzu. No matter the art you primarily train in, I think you will take away something valuable from this seminar.

Who? JW Bode - retired police officer

A seminar in effective martial tactics based on aikido,judo and arrest techniques.

When? Saturday March 5

We will be catching some dinner and drinks somewhere. Feel free to tag along.

Sunday March 6

Where? Austin Budokan


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The space is at the North West corner of I35 and 51st street. 1000 E. 51st (upstairs)

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How much? I am hoping to pay his gas and send him off with a few bucks in his pocket. Try to chip in 40 bucks, and buy him lunch.

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