Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The first blade my parents let me have was a tomahawk.  I still have my original, and I love it dearly.  Recently I was playing with it, and I thought to myself, "I sure would like to do some aikido with this."  It just so happens my favorite training knife producers, also make tomahawk blades for a inter-changeable system they have.  So I ordered the blade and mounted it on a tomahawk shaft I had in the garage.  It was tough mounting the blade right, but I think the couple nights of tinkering with tools paid off.  She is solid and sexy and itching to start training in the dojo.  Sadly I only have one more day in the dojo before I go on my budo walkabout. 

Tomahawk blades from Keen Edge


  1. Think kama kata for the tomahawk ;-)

  2. Charles,

    This is Steve Rollert of Keen Edge Knives. I greatly appreciate your review of our blades, We enjoy making the best trainers for the price. I would like to thank the fine folks who read this blog for their visits to our site. I am going to create a code for them to use to save 10% on our products for a limited time. I will post the code here when it is set up on the site. We are excited to let you know that we are adding two new designs in just a few days, these are based on the Spyderco "Yojimbo" and the "Mini Tac" by Cold Steel, watch our site for the blades. They are both full size and full thickness with no cord wrap, (handle shape prevents it) please let us know what you think. If you folks have a blade idea that you would like to see made let me know.

    Thanks again,
    Steve Rollert

    1. My name is Eric, the writer of the blog.

      Great to hear from you Steve. Any way we can help you out is great by us! Thanks for the promotion. I will help sell your stuff as often as I can.

      Eric, aka Erik the Strange