Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have a dream

I have had bad experiences with martial arts organizations so far. I find them to be cults of personality. I find them to be a homogenization of form and technique. I believe usually creativity is a pyramid scheme, and only the upper echelon earn the privelage of being called an artist.

but I have a dream...

I want to see an organization of NO organization.

I want to see a list of friendly like minded dojos - where students can go to share and learn.

I want to see an organization where different arts can come together, Judo men play with Aikido - Tai Chi and Kali.

I have a dream...

We lose our silly attachment to words like AIKIDO - instead we see it as reality of movement and ethics. We need to play together. Other arts practice a piece of the TRUTH too.

In the past year, my humble dojo has been hosting seminars bringing different arts together and people together. I have a dream that this model shatters the old way martial arts is taught and shared. Politics and ego inflated masters have no place in this new NO system. Respect of ability, respect of mutual respect, and a deep love of playing the game of budo is my No organization mantra.

I don't want to owe you dues - I want to owe you a beer. I want you kohai to be inspired and come to play. I want my Sempai to inspire me...and I will support them and their arts.

Independent artists gathering for the love of training, brotherhood and art - that is the dream of the growing NO organization.


  1. Hi,

    Nice post. You can also learn Tai Chi methods and exercises online. A Tai Chi website will provide you with instructional information that you can return to time and time again. While Tai Chi is often performed in groups it is actually a very personal experience that is similar to meditation.

  2. Rob Redmond over at http://24FightingChickens.com has some similar feelings about organizations, and has some alternatives in mind that just could work.

    I agree wtih your sentiment about organizations.

  3. When I read this I could hear John Lennon's
    song "Imagine"