Sunday, April 26, 2009

KyuRyu's first shodans

This weekend, Waddell Sensei came down to observe the demos of two of my guys.

I always make a habit of videoing the demos. We get together have a few beers and break down what we like and didn't like. The higher stress also exposes some of the things we need to work on. (Like Hiki Otoshi) I already spoke to Mike on the phone, and he is dreading watching it. I think he did pretty good.

Here is Mike demoing the 17. (note my groovy 2 angle camera work)

As a teacher I find it interesting gritting my teeth when I see something I don't like - and my pride at seeing some great stuff. It is interesting being as emotionally involved in a demonstration as the demonstrators.

Scooter's kata - I am especially proud of Scooter. At Thanksgiving he was hospitalized for a month because of nerve damage. The day after he was released he was in the dojo, he couldn't even feel his hands and feet! What a come back my friend. I appreciate that kind of grit.

I will post some of their randori soon.


  1. Cool! Congrats on getting some students up to shodan. Your work on the basics and fundamentals can really take off now.

    Regarding junana, you might be interested in a resource page I just posted on my blog with links to articles on the techniques ...

  2. congratualtions -- you and they have done well -- nice work all round

  3. Nice kata. I really like the multiple camera angles too.