Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aiki Tanto pt 2

Here are some yoshinkan tanto techniques. They are a little dry and boring, but a good basic practice I guess. I am not hot for aiki weapons training that is simply get off the line a stab. Surely we should be using the tools to aid in real energy transference between people. I like weapons work that still breaks the structure of a person down to cause kuzushi. I also like to see flow drills with the weapons work.

This next film is interesting, but not very Aiki. Good to see how a really aggressive knife fighter might attack. This competition gets brutal, but it is still worth a watch.

I think if the fighters had real fear of the weapons the results might be different.


  1. Those guys look like their demonstrating a 7th grade girl fight, no structure just strike out and hit whatever gets in your way. And what the hell was up with those kobra ki bows they were doing in the end.

  2. how bout a little sweet old offensive knife section from roku kata?