Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Aiki Tanto

In the weapons bag of any classic aikido man, they will have three training weapons. Of course a bokken, representing the katana. Depending on the school training in this weapon can be quite extensive. Then the jo is also a popular tool. This can represent many things, stick or spear. In the Tomiki system much of the jo work is based on the bayonet techniques from World War 2.

Then there is the tanto. The use of the tanto is rarely taught. It is the weapon we train to strip away from someone else, but never learn to use ourselves in the classic style. At Kyuryu we have been adding more aiki tanto into our work to develop our work, and I highly suggest it.

(I keep the above beauty, a cold steel tanto next to my bed. Tis love my friends)

About a year ago and a half ago we filmed some of our tanto work at KyuRyu. Looking back on this video, it is not our best work. It was our first go at being creative outside the system I was taught. I suppose there are some nice moments in there. But I humble myself and offer our basic jam session of a tool of learning. Learn from what you like and from what you don't like. The next version will be much better - you betcha!

Now here is some cool Aiki Tanto.


  1. Under Kushida Sensei, the Tanto is taught extensively.

    When watching dan testing once, when some higher level black bets were being examined, I saw a jo vs tanto kata. It was nothing short of amazing.

  2. Yo Eric -- cant get your link to play -- some meseage about "This is a private video..etc."

  3. Rick, good to hear some people are out there working on it. I will try to do some reaserch on his work.

    Nick, problem should be corrected.

  4. Love your stuff. I like how you guys use the same techniques with different weapons, as you did in the belt and naginata videos also. Your production quality is exellent.
    -- The Indonesian techniques are just too fuckin' deadly. I will learn to run all over again if I ever get challenged by someone with those skills!