Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hussey Invasion

I had never heard of blogs, until Formosa Neija put one of my videos up. Then I started getting the Mokuren site every time I did a search for budo related information.

I decided to start blogging as a New Year's resolution. Another resolution I had was to be open to more teachers. I wrote Lowry Sensei on a whim after reading an interview. Lowery Sensei suggested Matl Sensei, and Matl Sensei pushed me to Hussey Sensei.

So Hussey Sensei is a great friend and artist. He came down yesterday from Round Rock martial arts, and corrupted our students with his ideas. He has never seen himself on film doing aikido, so I finally talked him into doing a few minutes of randori with me with the camera rolling. I am the attacker, but I am trying to counter and give him problems the whole time. I even grabbed his legs while falling, and I tried to pull him down with me every chance I got. I got him once! Needless to say, he pretty much effortlessly put me on the floor. I was overheating pretty bad, so you can watch me turn an amazing red by the end of the session.

Here he demonstrates quite a few positional corner drops, like I was trying to describe on yesterdays blog "waves crashing over rocks."

Round Rock Martial Arts


  1. love to see brendan do his thing--sweet

  2. I found the music distracting, but also found myself laughing out loud at Brendan casually wafting you around. I miss that a lot. Enjoy.
    He's an old friend and mentor of mine.