Saturday, August 22, 2009

Waves crashing on rocks

I am amazed at how common the symbol of the wave is in Aikido. The wave is an expression of energy. Usually I see myself as the wave, rising and falling. I try to feel like liquid energy.

This morning I was meditating on the KyuRyu wave symbol. I began to see the attacker as the wave. He is the energy. But how do waves break? He energy of a wave breaks on rocks.

I found this clip of Henry Kono Sensei. He is doing a oshi taioshi / ikkyo motion. The thing I found interesting was he manipulated the relationship in a way that when the technique was executed the energy is coming onto him, but he is in the perfect place. He is like a rock, an the wave's energy harmless disperses on him.

Henry Kono

At the moment of execution he is not pushing and struggling to execute. He simply is there, like a rock. The off balanced 'wave' attacker is spun in a collision course. The relationship has been set. In these circumstances, rock beats wave.

Seeing models like this can be a very personal way to break down what we are trying to achieve in the arts. Today I am having hard time describing using words. I hope you can see what I am trying to communicate in the film.

Attention bloggers!!!

I found a cool way to get you tube to start a video at a particular time, like in the Kono video. After the link url write #t=__m__s. The blanks are the times you write in. So the code on the Kono video if you want to go to 5 mins and 50 seconds into the video looks like this-

I have not figured out how to embed the video yet with this time feature.

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  1. kono is a delight to watch! reminds me alot of caldwell in spots