Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Surprising words from Aikido Journal

I am happy in the aikido organizations I have chosen to join. I think many people feel confined and strangled by theirs. I know there are a great many teachers and organizations I simply could not fit with. Indeed I sympathize with others in their quest for artistic freedom. I just spent today writing a new friend about the merits of forging his own path in his budo studies.

I then checked out an article by Stanley Pranin the Godfather of Aikido Journal. Much to my surprise he concluded his article with...

"Don’t look to Japan or any organization for leadership in aikido or any other field of endeavor. This world of dizzying technological advancement has left these bloated dinosaurs panting in the dust. In today’s networked world, any visionary and hard-working individual can produce prodigious results at lightning speed. The shaping of aikido’s future lies in our hands. Let’s get crackin’!"

I totally agree.

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  1. That's a pretty strong statement from Pranin. I wonder what inspired it.